Last night, the Chicago Community Trust threw a party commemorating its 96th anniversary. As befits such a prestigious institution, many A-listers showed up, including Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and celebrated cellist Yo Yo Ma.

A photo of the latter has begun to circulate the interwebs today, and before the context is known, I’d like to host a caption contest. Here’s all you need to know: yes, that’s really Yo Yo Ma. Yes, he’s on the bathroom floor. And yes, that’s a wombat.

Photo via Peter Sagal

Best caption wins an as-yet undetermined prize…and my eternal respect. Post your caption in the “reply” section below!


UPDATE 12/15: There’s a YouTube video (of course)!


UPDATE 12/26: OK, I’m calling it. For the quality and quantity of his submissions, Matt Boresi is our #YoYoWombat caption contest winner. Matt is a Chicago-based Opera and Musical Theatre professor and librettist. To learn about his stuff, visit, or follow him on Twitter @unclerocco (17 years and over is best) for general musings.

12 thoughts on “CAPTION CONTEST: Yo Yo Ma

  1. “Walter the wombats orchiectomy stiches are healing fine,” pronounced Yo Yo Ma the famous cellist. “He should be ready to hit those high falsetto notes in his solo with the Vienna Choir in our upcoming Christmas Concert.”

  2. “Two years ago it was Yitzhak Perlman and a wallaby, last year it was Lang Lang and a platypus – and now this? These Chicago Community Trust parties are more repetitive than the Kennedy Center Honors!”

  3. Unfotunately for the 62 year old international superstare with bizarre proclivities – what happens at a Chicago Community Trust event, does not stay at a Chicago Community Trust event.

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